Philosophy Of Care

philosophy of carephilosophy of careStatement

This home believes that every resident has the right to freedom and choice over how they wish to live their lives. Furthermore, that they should be enabled to live with as much independence as possible.

The home understands autonomy to be the freedom to choose and the right to live as independently as possible. 

The home also recognises the fact that it has a legal and moral duty to protect and care for its residents, some of whom may be vulnerable and incapable of making choices that are in their best interests. 

However the home will ensure that residents can exercise as much choice as possible by having access to people and services to assist them to express whatever choices they can make.

The Homes Approach to Autonomy

Is to ensure that  its residents have as much freedom of choice in their lives as possible within a communal, care environment, as long as that freedom does not expose them, or any other resident or staff member to unacceptable risk.